Thermal Power Plants

Thermal power plants are still the most important supplier of electricity. BOMAFA fittings ensure safe control of the steam circuit and effective protection of the turbine.

Chemical Industry

In the chemical industry, high plant availability is mandatory. Steam control valves from BOMAFA have been specially developed for continuous operation control.

Pulp and paper industry

The permanent, precise steam control is the first priority in the pulp and paper industry. BOMAFA manufactures complete systems for continuous steam conditioning.



Diversification in power generation is a topic of the future. BOMAFA valves protect the turbine and are used as steam control valves.


Steel Industry

High temperatures are omnipresent in the steel industry. If hot steam is generated by the resulting waste heat, BOMAFA valves get involved with temperature and pressure control.


Research and Development

Many areas of research require hot steam with precisely regulated parameters. BOMAFA India also offers individually manufactured valves and hot steam coolers for the often very small quantities of steam.

Mechanical Engineering

With CNC manufacturing for manufacturers and maintenance engineers, BOMAFA is the ideal manufacturing partner in mechanical engineering.

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Executive Director

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