BOMAFA Germany

Well equipped for more than 100 years, 2019 was our anniversary year and we continue to rely on the clear future orientation based on three pillars: Digital Service, Internationalization and Living Tradition. Our values ​​as a medium-sized family business are together with the high quality of our products and our services, the keys for a successful future.Therefore, we are constantly working on the - digital - optimization in production and service - as a competent partner for you and your special requirements.


Strong Partnership

Within the last years BOMAFA Germany and BOMAFA India have worked closely together in many projects. Within these projects we were able to save time and costs while fulfilling different tasks with the help and the strenghts of each location. At the end the products were tested by german authorities to guarantee the quality of our products.

We are the BOMAFA Group

BOMAFA, Karl Schumacher, asfa, BOMAFA China and BOMAFA India. Each member of the BOMAFA Group supports product diversity and strengthens the competitiveness of all individual companies at the same time.