BOMAFA Special Valve Solutions: At the location in India we are working closely together with our partners in Germany and are able to offer a high level of vertical integration by sophisticated pressure control valves for power plant and plant construction.

Over 110 years of engineering know-how are concentrated in the BOMAFA group when it comes to developing and manufacturing steam conditioning applications. In India we are able to provide cost efficient products with german quality and working standards. With our partnership in Germany we are able to merge different strengths of each location in one project, so products can be manufactured in India and Germany.

Our Qualities

German Standards

Our standards guarantee high quality products with many years of manufacturing experience.

BOMAFA Germany


With nearly 110 years of combined knowledge we are able to provide you the best fitting product for your requirements.

Technical Values

Cost Efficiency

With our factory in Ahmedabad we have the ability to provide customized solutions with a small pricetag.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Company History

BOMAFA India is more than ten years old and like our partner company in Germany, we focus on long term quality alongwith customer satisfaction. That's why we train our second generation today, to continue our business tommorrow.